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This website might look like a normal website to a visitor but it is far more then that!
This website is built on easy2edit software of Studio2 Communications in Maarssen (NL) .

For logged in users there is a lot of functionality available in this website that enables you to collaborate.
And all this is built with the phylosophy to be EASY. Collaboration has hurdles enough from itself.
You don't want software to add on to that. Therefore easy2edit is self explaining and for everybody to use.

Following are some of the functionalities that are readily available in this website:
- chat boxes
- document management system
- e-learning
- frequently asked questions module
- helpdesk module
- RSS feeds from relevant other websites
- photobook
- project management tools
- and much more

Studio2 Communications in Maarssen (NL) is the first official sponsor of CSForum.
CSForum is gratefull to Studio2 for enabling us to use this great software
and encourages her participants to find out more about easy2 edit.




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